Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cade is 1 year old!

We just can't believe that Cade is already 1! The past year has gone by so fast, and has been really fun with the two boys. Cade is such a funny baby, he loves to laugh and smile. He is a super sweet baby that loves to cuddle (especially with me). He refuses to crawl, but does this really interesting scoot that doesn't look very comfortable, but he gets around pretty fast and is finding more and more things to get into. His favorite person in the whole world is his big brother Bronson. Just the sound of his voice makes Cade's face light up, I can already imagine the mischief they will get in together. We love Cade so much and we are so happy that Heavenly Father let him be a part of our family!

We celebrated his birthday on Saturday with all of our family. We roasted hot dogs over our fire pit, and enjoyed smores, cake, and ice cream. We are grateful for all the family that came and for their love and support.

Cade was pretty excited about all the new toys he got, although Bronson is thinking he scored pretty big and has been playing with all of Cade's new toys non stop.

This is Cade when we first gave him his cake - a little unsure.

This is a few minutes later. I'm pretty sure he didn't eat much, but just smeared it around and made a big mess. He had lots of fun so it was worth the clean up.
All in all everything went really well and it was a fun party. Happy Birthday Cade!

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demoux family said...

Looks like fun. I love the before and after cake pictures!! He is such a cutie. Glad it was a fun day for everyone.