Friday, November 27, 2009

G'Day Mate!

We had the awesome opportunity to spend almost 2 weeks in Melbourne Australia this month. Dave's mom was born and raised there, and her twin brother Ken was kind enough to fly us out there to visit him and explore the sites. We are very grateful to him for his love and generosity. We did not take Cade with us because we didn't think a 15 hour flight would be that much fun with a baby, so he spent the time at my parents.
The country is just absolutely beautiful, they have so many different landscapes and they were all breathtaking. We kept ourselves very busy and saw so many different things. One of the coolest things we did was go to the penguin parade. There is a place on Philip Island that we went to and waited for the sun to go down. As soon as it did hundreds of penguins came running out of the ocean and went to find their nests on the ground. It was so fun to watch. We did lots of of other things including 3 different zoos, exploring the city, visting a lighthouse, swimming in the ocean, riding a train, eating a lot, shopping, and much much more. We did lots of fun things and took hundreds of pictures so here are just a few.
We went and saw the Melbourne temple. It was very pretty (as they all are).
We loved the beaches there! They were so clean, and the sand was nice and soft. It was nice and sunny the day we went so I laid out and worked on my tan while the boys played in the water. Bronson had a blast, and was not the least bit affected when he was knocked off the boogie board by a wave, he got right back on. I think this was his favorite part of the trip.

We saw lots of kangaroos while we were there. There is a golf course in Anglesea where many of them hang out. They are so use to people that you can get pretty close before they run away. This one has a cute little joey in her pouch.

This is a beautiful view of the beach in Anglesea. It was gorgeous!

We went to the Werribee mansion. This place was huge and the grounds were beautiful. They had a giant rose garden filled with every kind of rose you could imagine. I wanted it for my back yard!

Now this picture doesn't do his face justice, it looked much worse. On our last day there Bronson fell off of a zip line type toy at the park and smahed face first into the platform. He had a bloody nose and it started to swell up pretty fast. We took him to the doctor to make sure it wasn't broken, and thankfully it wasn't. It stayed swollen for a couple days and looked pretty bad with the scabs and bruises. Dave told him to tell everyone he got in a fight with a kangaroo. Other than this incident the whole trip was awesome! We are very grateful that we were able to have this experience, and we will definitely remember it forever.


The GAG nears said...

OH my gosh - Australia? And you mention it so casually like it's a place where everyone goes all the time. Like "we spent the last 2 weeks in Las Vegas" Australia! Seriously! Is that a real kangaroo? Wow. I want to hear more about this trip - seriously. How did I now know about this? That is awesome! AWESOME!!

Jared and Tiffany said...

I am soo jealous! I have always wanted to go to Austraila. You have a beautiful family. Miss yah!