Friday, June 5, 2009


Last Saturday morning we left for a much needed vacation! My parents were kind enough to watch Cade since I didn't think he would have that much fun, and Bronson could definitely use some mommy and daddy time. We flew down to California, and I am pretty sure the plane ride was Bronson's favorite part - he loved it. On the flight home the pilot actually let him go in the cock pit and showed him all the buttons and controls, he of course thought that was pretty awesome. Anyway we spent 2 days at Disneyland and California Adventure. We had so much fun! Bronson was a little nervous about some of the rides, but overall he was a good sport and had a really fun time. We then headed down to San Diego and spent lots of time at the beach and then went to Sea World for a day. I love Sea World, so I was happy to see that Bronson did too. We were pretty exhausted by the time we got home on Wednesday evening., but we had so much fun and really enjoyed making those amazing memories.

Here is Bronson in front of his favorite ride - Small World. We ended up riding it 4 times! I think that song is still playing in my head.

Went we got to San Diego we went straight to the beach so Bronson could see the ocean. It was kind of chilly so we weren't planning on getting in the water, but I should have known better. Bronson loved playing in the sand and water, he couldn't get enough of it.

Sea World

We had some time to kill before we had to be to the airport, so we went to another beach.
All in all it was a great vacation!


The GAG nears said...

What a fun vacay! I am so jealous and to have some one on one time with one kid. Those were the days - when I only had one kid to worry about. I want a beach. As I look at the downpour out my window. Yuck! You look like such a hottie in these pictures. Especially the last one of you on the beach - cute shorts - I want some! You area hottie with a naughty (finger snap!) Can't wait to see you on Monday.

demoux family said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time. Glad you got to enjoy some family time away from the rest of the world. Yeah beaches and disneyland!!!

Kim Sue Ellen said...

SO much fun...what awesome parents you are! And kudos to YOUR parents for taking the baby so it could be that much more fun! BTW you look amazingly stunning and SUPER skinny in that bottom pic! Wooo wooo.